Trilateral Course on Glia in Neuroinflammation

The lecture series by the CLM team will takle neurodegenerative mechanisms as studied on the animal ALS model of the rodent SOD1 G93A. In addition, to Prof. Andjus, Milena Milošević, PhD and Danijela Bataveljić, PhD will give the following lectures:

Lecture I: Glial markers of ALS and neuroinflammation in hSOD1 G93A model by Prof. Pavle R. Andjus.

Astrogliosis. Microglial phenotypes. Cellular markers of inflammation.

Lecture II:  Blood Brain Barrier breach and the role of glia in inflammation by Danijela Bataveljić, PhD.

BBB and astrocyte endfeet. Infiltration of immune cells in brain tissue and interaction with glia. Humoral factors of inflammation and glia. Oxidative stress and microglia – release of cytokines.

Lecture III: Cellular and humoral factors of inflammation in ALS by Milena Milošević, PhD.

Comparative glial cellular morphology obtained by high resolution microscopy. Interaction of microglia and astrocytes with neurons.

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